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Legend of the Seeker Costume ROURICK Ep 119

Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zedd arrive at the home of the Nightwisps, only to find the forest burned to the ground and Darken Rahl waiting with the last wisp in hand and a bargain for Richard: Rahl either kills the wisp, dooming humanity, or reads the scroll and then acts upon its instruction, becoming the savior of the world. Richard agrees and he and Rahl set out to obtain the Stone while Kahlan and Cara head to the Grottoes of the Northern Territories to allow the wisp to give birth and save its species. Meanwhile, the Keeper orders the Sisters of the Dark to kill Rahl. They only succeed in wounding him; the Keeper sends them to locate a former D'haran general to kill Richard. His health failing from his dacra wound, Rahl reveals that he was already a baneling when Richard killed him and that the Keeper deceived him. The brute, with the keeper's help, arrives to kill Rahl, opening a rift to the Underworld, but Richard pushes him into it. Braving attacks by gars, Cara and Kahlan manage to arrive at the birthing grounds just in time. Zedd returns in time to save Rahl from death, the Listener Renn in tow, who tells them what to do with the Stone of Tears by reading Rahl's mind. Rahl escapes from the group, who have until the summer solstice to find the Stone and follow the instructions.    




This is for a original HERO ROURICK costume.

Boots are similar style but are not character items.

1. VEST: Leather vest with rusted eyelets and hand lashed seams

2. PANTS: Textured heavy linen/cotton fall front pants.

3. BELT#1: Wide leather belt ties through custom made ring,

4. BELT #2: Hand finished leather belt

5. BOOTS: Heavy leather boots

This costume is in screen used condition and has been aged by the costume department textile artists.

sizing information:

measurements of mannequin this costume fits perfectly.

fitting leeway is permitted though lacing in vest and lacing adjustment at the back of pants

Height 193cm

Neck 46cm

Chest 114cm

Waist 96cm

Seat 108cm

Artno: legendof1
Condition: Used
Availability: In stock
Free shipping within Sweden
Price: 6000 SEK

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