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Star Wars Prop Life Size Astromech Robot R5D4

Lifesized Fully finished, painted and ready to display R5-D4 Star Wars ASTROMECH DROID - for your collection.

This Astromech is from STAR WARS NEW HOPE where the Jawas tried to sell this one and C3P0 to Uncle Owen and Luke Skywalker, when R5-D4's motivator went out, forcing Luke and his uncle to purchase R2-D2 instead and the rest is history.

This life-sized, full sized robot is 1:1 scale - comes with three legs, that can be in either 3 legged or 2 legged position, 3 feet, 2 battery boxes, and of course a R5-D4 fiberglass head. The head and body and feet are strong fiberglass, hollow. The legs are resin casted, but with a balsa wood in the middle to give it strength and keep it straight. All the body and dome and leg and feet pieces are created seperately and attached. Droid has over 11 machined metal parts and with the press of a button, the dome will play Astromech beeps and whistles.

Buyer will need to allow 2-3 weeks before R5D4 can be shipped.

Artno: r5d4
Condition: New
Availability: Pre-order-item
Free home delivery in Stockholm or Free shipping within Sweden
Price: 19000 SEK

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